Phase 1 update – 5th September

Date: 5th September 2019
Published by: Admin

We are pleased to advise that the last ANPR and overview camera have been installed in their new home...

This gives us full ANPR and high definition CCTV coverage of all roads in and out of RP. The final 2 overview cameras will hopefully be installed in the coming week.

When complete, in the event of a crime, we will be able to use the ANPRs to view number plates of vehicles used by criminals entering RP and then use the Overview cameras to monitor their direction of travel and exit point.

The Overview cameras are important in two ways.

Firstly, to gain more footage and hopefully faces of criminals

Secondly, to place the criminal as close to the crime as possible

This level of evidence can be of great help in securing convictions.

REMEMBER: If you are a victim of crime, report it immediately and get a crime number, then use the information on this website to contact us so we can help to gather evidence to support the police.

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