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Many questions have been raised so far, if you have a question that is not included below, please send it to us using the form on this page – if you provide your email address, we will respond directly too.

Phase I – Covers all entry and exit points to Richings Park with a number of ANPR units together with Overview motion-based CCTV units. These are designed to capture criminals entering the Smartville Zone by vehicle or on foot. In addition, a number of overview cameras will be placed in strategic locations to capture 'direction of travel' once they are inside the zone.

Phase II – Increases the number of overview motion-based CCTV cameras to cover all strategic locations across Richings Park.

Phase III – We will be paying a small monthly subscription to CamSec for them to manage the gathering of evidence and it’s presentation to the police for them to consider action, they may also be called on to testify in court to the evidence gathered which is also covered by the monthly subscription. To fund this, we are currently seeking sponsorship from local businesses who will benefit from the placement of 2 small advertising boards within Richings Park. If we are not successful, private funding may be required.

Yes, by revisiting the coverage it was realised that one less APNR unit supplemented by more overview surveillance units would cover all entrances into Richings Park by road and improve both the range of ANPR locality (village) covered together with greater evidence gathering potential within the ANPR zone.

ANPR will cover all roads into RP, these will be supported by a number of 'overview cameras.

Locations are kept confidential in the interest of assuring greater security. But prospective criminals need to realise that RP is covered by a multitude of units installed for monitoring so some discrete signage will be installed.

We will build on the initial set of coverage for more inner roads (see What are the phases of the project FAQ).

We have been live since July.

By voluntary contributions so far, mainly from residents and a couple of shops within the Village (Thank you to all who donated)!

Phase II is underway – we require further funding as the project rolls out to purchase more overview cameras where needed and to provide for long-term maintenance/damage to units etc.

If you would like to contribute then you can by:

  • BY PAYPAL by using the CONTRIBUTE NOW button on this page
  • BY making a CASH contribution – Please place in an envelope and seal it, write your name and address on it and drop it off at Costcutter

Phase II will require further funding – details to follow.

RPRA have opened a separate bank account for the project, they also manage the funds raised.

All monies raised so far have been transferred across to this Account as will any further contributions.

Comparative pricing was performed and shared with the team at the early stages.

Our implementation partner is now confirmed as being CamSec due to their close relationship in developing the Ickenham project and one set up in Wimbledon Village.

Because they are currently working with the Police directly on these projects and that they also assist with evidence gathering and report compilation and presentation of this to the Police CamSec came out on top as the best overall service provider.

We need help immediately for seasoned funding form grant application experts to help us gain potential financial support from government & local authority grants. Can you help? If so, please get in touch!

We need volunteers to help in the planning and execution of Phase II, this may involve knocking on some doors or delivering some leaflets if you have the time.

Also, please join the local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme – you do not have to commit to doing any organising, but you could make a difference by doing so! You will be sent updates of any crime or suspicious activity in the village.

Could you spare a minimal amount of time to represent your street? If so, please let us know!

YES! To help us gather evidence, the more residents who have cameras that face the street, the quicker it is for us to gather evidence.

If you have CCTV already or are planning to get a system installed, we would value your active input on this project.

So please do get in touch using the form on this page so we can give you further information.

Please complete the form on this page & one of the smartville volunteer team will be in touch shortly.

Please note: If we are unable to provide an answer as it may compromise the security of the project, we will contact you directly if you provide your email address.

The cameras are here to gather evidence of crimes committed in RP, but we cannot do anything without a crime number.

If you have been a victim of a crime or if you have witnessed one, report it to 101 and get a crime number and pass this onto your NHW coordinator. If a crime is happening now, phone 999 to report it.

  1. Once we have a crime number, EMAIL your details and the crime number to: (telephone number to follow) – this information will be passed onto CamSec who will investigate our footage
  2. If they find evidence that may be helpful to the Police, they will collect it and burn it do DVD.
  3. CamSec they will then write a crime report and submit it to the Police for further action.


Want to make a contribution?

We are currently planning Phase II of the project for which more funds will be required, if you want to help, please


If you are unable to use PayPal, Costcutter will take a cash donation – if you prefer doing this, please place your contribution into a sealed envelope and write your name and address on it so that it can be logged.

If you are unable to do this, but would still like to contribute, please use the form on this page to contact us.